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Mancetter Parish Council
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Mancetter Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Final Consultation - 12th January until 23rd February 2017

The Mancetter Neighbourhood Plan (2015-29) will allow the Parish Council to have more influence on the planning decisions made by the Borough Council in the future. It will help to manage development and change so that the environmental, economic and social needs of local people can be taken into account to keep Mancetter Parish special. The Plan covers all of the Parish, including Mancetter village and Ridge Lane.

The Parish Council submitted the Neighbourhood Plan to the Borough Council late in 2016.

This is an important legal stage when it is handed over to the Borough Council for final consultation and independent examination; to ensure it meets the Basic Conditions and can go to Referendum.

The Submission Documents comprise of:The Mancetter Neighbourhood Development Plan (Policy Document), The Basic Conditions Statement (how the plan meets the legal requirements) and The Consultation Statement (a “Storyboard” of all the consultation and how this has influenced the Plan).

As part of the legal process, the Borough Council is now carrying out a final 6 - week consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan from 12th January until 23rd February 2017.

We hope that an examination by an independent and qualified examiner, will be carried out in March/April to enable a Referendum in late Spring/early summer. A “Yes” vote of over 50% would mean that the Plan could be “Made” and the process will be complete.

A printed version of the plan is available to view at the Council Offices or Mancetter Memorial Hall.

Alternatively, you could use the following links to view the documents - Mancetter Neighbourhood Plan

NWBC are consulting on Mancetter Neighbourhood Plan for 6 weeks from 12th January until 23rd February.

Mancetter Neighbourhood Plan
Mancetter Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions
Mancetter Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement

Please forward any comments by Email to or send to Forward Planning and Economic Strategy, The Council House, South Street, Atherstone, CV9 1DE. All comments will then be passed on to the appointed Inspector for consideration.

Consultation on North Warwickshire Borough Council Draft Local Plan

North Warwickshire Borough Council is consulting on a new Local Plan (N.B. This is NOT the same as the Mancetter Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan). It has been shaped by the consultations undertaken previously in relation to the Draft Site Allocations and Draft Development Management Plan as well as incorporating where possible the adopted Core Strategy. The new Local Plan brings together all of these documents into one single plan.

The Draft Local Plan looks forward to 2031 and beyond. It continues the theme of sustainable development and seeking the provision of the right infrastructure. The Draft Local Plan shows the preferred option of allowing development of the appropriate size and scale in a variety of settlements, guided by an updated settlement hierarchy. The settlement hierarchy is based on an assessment of the services, facilities and sustainability of the various settlements within the Borough. This builds on work previously undertaken for the 2006 Local Plan and 2014 Core Strategy.

The housing requirement for North Warwickshire is a minimum of 5280 dwellings with an aspiration to deliver a further 3790 new homes by 2031 depending on the provision of infrastructure. Part of the additional housing is to cater for needs arising from Coventry and Warwickshire and Greater Birmingham. There is also a need to provide for employment land depending on the amount of housing. It will be from a minimum of 58 hectares up to around 91 hectares.

In addition to comments on the Draft Local Plan the Borough Council is seeking your views on the infrastructure required to deliver this growth.

How can you get involved?

The consultation period will run from Thursday 10th November until Friday 31st March 2017. Documents and supporting evidence can be viewed and downloaded from the Borough Council’s website at

The Borough Council would encourage you to view the documents and submission of comments electronically, where possible, to limit the use of paper and valuable resources used in the printing process.

PLEASE NOTE: Some documents will not be immediately available such as the Sustainability Appraisal. Regular updates will be given on the Local Plan page. The documents will be made available on the website as soon as possible.

Any comments made will be made publicly available and be taken into account when finalising the Local Plan. If you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact: Post: Forward Planning Team, Chief Executives Division, Council Offices, South Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 1DE Email: Telephone: 01827 719499 / 451

New Parish Web Site

Welcome to the new Mancetter Parish web site. The new site is responsive design and will render well on desktops/laptops, tablets and smart phones. The new site has the all main information about the Parish and over the coming weeks we will be adding more detail, particularly we need to review and update the information we had on the old site relating to local organisations, clubs and businesses for both Mancetter and Ridge Lane and some other pages from the old site. If you wish to use any photographs from this site please ask so that the originator can be credited. If anyone has old photographs of Mancetter and Ridge Lane we would like to see them and possibly put them on this web site.

Mancetter Parish Council's Community Grant Fund

Applications must satisfy a number of conditions to be considered for a grant. Bids should be made for projects which will be of benefit to the whole community or a specific group whose principal objectives are not those of a single individual. Applications will not be accepted where the benefit is to a single individual.

The project should be of benefit to a significant number of persons living within the Parish. Applications will be considered only from "not for profit" organisations. Applications should be for one-off projects. Applications for sums up to 50% of total project cost, to a maximum of £200 will be considered. Applications are considered twice a year in July and November. Applications should be submitted by the first day of the month. Full Guidance Notes and Application Form.

Town and Parish Councils Working Together

Members of Atherstone Town Council, Mancetter and Witherley Parish Councils have met up to address local issues. The first matter they will tackle is the Mancetter traffic island.

St. Peter's Church Mancetter

The Parish Church now has its own website with information about the Church, its services, contact details and some very good photographs. Read More...