Mancetter Parish Paths Partnership

Mancetter Parish has, since 1998, considerably improved the Rights of Way in the parish. Mancetter is now a "stiles free" parish. All paths either have footpath kissing gates, simple pedestrian gates or bridle gates.

Yellow topped Signposts are installed at the roadside and where there is a change of direction along a path there are additional waymarker posts to indicate the route or to act as confirmation of the route. All waymarking is undertaken to the current standards set down by Warwickshire County Council, which is the highways authority for Warwickshire Rights of Way through their Countryside Recreation Team. You can contact them by Email.

Mancetter Parish Paths Partnership needs to recruit some new volunteers to continue with occasional maintenance on the Rights of Way network in the Parish. The work is not onerous but does require volunteers to have a reasonable level of fitness to able to walk into the Countryside carrying basic hand held maintenance equipment. If you live in or very near to Mancetter and would like to help please contact us via the email address below.

Mancetter Parish and the surrounding area offers good walking, for more details see our Walking in Mancetter Parish page.

You can contact Mancetter Parish Paths Partnership by Email for general enquires about the Rights of Way in Mancetter or if you want to find out about volunteering to help with work on the Rights of Way in Mancetter Parish.