Mancetter Parish

The Villages of Mancetter and Ridge Lane

Mancetter Parish Council
Next Meeting: Tuesday 28th July 2020 7.00pm Prompt.
The New School Room, St Peter’s Church, Mancetter.
During the coronavirus pandemic please contact the Clerk for details on meeting arrangements.

A5 Road Works July to September 2020

This scheme covers the section of the A5 Watling Street between the Mancetter Island and Higham Roundabout, a 3.7 mile stretch of carriageway. The essential maintenance programme will help improve safety on this important route by delivering a complete resurfacing of the carriageway, including laying new road markings and High Friction Surfacing (anti-skid) at junctions as well as vegetation and drainage clearance. The work will commence on 6 July 2020 and will end during October 2020.

During the first two weeks there will be re-surfacing and working in the areas between Mancetter (Atherstone) Roundabout and the Longabout, (Redgate roundabout with the A444). This will involve night time closures. Read More...

Parish Council Website and Email Updating

During July the Parish Council will be moving the website to a more modern system. There may be a loss of service for several hours when this takes place. The email service should be migrating at the same time which may also result in some loss of service for a while.

Daniel Road - Road closure for surfacing work - 1st July to 7th July

Daniel Road Mancetter is being closed for resurfacing work from 0800 to 1700 between 1st July and 7th July, weekdays only. Full details are here together with a site map.

Mancetter Parish Neighbourhood Plan Adopted

On the 7th September 2017 the Mancetter Parish Neighbourhood Plan went to Referendum. This has now been formally adopted as a document in law that will be used by North Warwickshire Borough Council who are the Planning Authority to influence future decision making concerning the villages of Mancetter and Ridge Lane.

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone for their involvement and taking time out to vote. We will now be monitoring how the plan will shape the outlook of our Parish in the years to come.

Mancetter Neighbourhood Plan Adopted Version


Are you worried about the volume of traffic and the speed at which vehicles travel through our villages? More lorries; more cars; more vehicles not adhering to speed limits.

Do you feel that you are at risk when you are crossing the road, due to the speed of vehicles?

We have the opportunity to work with other agencies to set up a Community Speed Watch Team. We can then collect information to support our case for traffic calming. Do you have a few hours to spare to join this team? Leave your name and contact details with the Parish Clerk by email or a telephone message. We will be in touch when we have enough people to progress the team.

Parish Council Precept 2020/2021

The Precept is the way that the Parish Council raises money to cover expenditure for the year and is charged through the council tax system.

Mancetter Parish Council where possible uses local contractors to maintain the picturesque village green, St Peter’s churchyard and Mancetter Cemetery as well as Ridge Lane allotments and two to three miles of rights of way and rural footpaths. The annual display of daffodils is often remarked upon.

It employs a part time Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to implement the work of the Parish Council which is also a burial authority. There is an office base in Mancetter Memorial Hall so that members of the Public can arrange a visit as well as using the phone, email and website addresses.

At the Parish Council meeting on 28th January 2020 after reviewing the draft budget, it was unanimously agreed to increase the total annual precept to £29,840 this being an overall increase of £586.00 equal to a percentage increase of 1.07%.

The annual increase on Council Tax bands is as follows with a band D property increasing by 46p a year. The table below representing the Council Tax Band, the Annual Increase and the Total Parish Levy for the band:

Band A £0.30 £29.55
Band B £0.36 £34.48
Band C £0.40 £39.40
Band D £0.46 £44.33
Band E £0.56 £54.18
Band F £0.66 £64.03
Band G £0.76 £73.88
Band H £0.92 £88.66

Mancetter Parish Council has always strived to keep the Parish precept as low as possible, balancing good financial management with providing a good service. Wherever possible we aim to award contracts to residents of the Parish who care about their villages. This supports local business whilst adhering to the protocol which must be followed by Parish Councils as the first tier of local government. We receive many favourable comments about the view of the Church, Village Green and Cemetery and are proud to allocate funds to maintain this to a very high standard.

Mancetter Parish Council's Community Grant Fund

Applications must satisfy a number of conditions to be considered for a grant. Bids should be made for projects which will be of benefit to the whole community or a specific group whose principal objectives are not those of a single individual. Applications will not be accepted where the benefit is to a single individual.

The project should be of benefit to a significant number of persons living within the Parish. Applications will be considered only from "not for profit" organisations. Applications should be for one-off projects. Applications for sums up to 50% of total project cost, to a maximum of £200 will be considered. Applications are considered at each Parish Council Meeting and should be submitted 10 working days before the meeting excluding weekends and bank holidays. Full Guidance Notes and Application Form.

Town and Parish Councils Working Together

Members of Atherstone Town Council, Mancetter and Witherley Parish Councils have met up to address local issues. The first matter they will tackle is the Mancetter traffic island.

St. Peter's Church Mancetter

The Parish Church now has its own website with information about the Church, its services, contact details and some very good photographs. Read More...